Drinking Outlands

Since Drinking Song was released I wanted to rebuild a Outlands/Erestor deck. That card clearly has its Hobbit references with its illustration and a bonus if you have a hobbit hero, but honnestly it shines in an(y) Erestor deck. 10 starting cards and still no Steward of Gondor? Doesn’t matter if you have a Drinking Song on your hand. That card accelerates your round one!

This is why I’d mulligen for Drinking Song and/or Steward of Gondor. With Denethor you can instantly attach Steward to Hirluin and also transfer the last resource. So, in round 1 Hirluin allready has 4 resources and with cards like Wealth of GondorMan the Walls and Gaining Strength you gather even more without any drawback.

When you have played all these cards, then use Drinking Song to recive even more resource acceleration cards (or shuffle cards, which you do not want to see on round one, like Sword of MorthondA Very Good TaleMen of the West or Faramir back into your deck) to finaly play your first (few) Outland allies.

There is no dedicated target for Sword of Morthond, I play it on any Gondor ally which is on the table at the very moment. Most the times I wait until the second copy shows up. Cards in the sideboard are „usually“ within an Outlands deck. I do not like to use them much, but do not want to forget them.

The deck is listed on ringsdb.com

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