Part 13: The Passing of the Grey Company

Aragorn had a vision from the Palantir. He saw a fleet of Corsairs about to reach the coast of Gondor. The only possibility to get there before the White City falls is the most direct route through the mountains to Pelargir: The Paths of the Dead.

A name of dread among those who dwell near to its entrance, The Paths of the Dead were said to be haunted by the ghosts of men from the second age of Middle-earth; Oathbreakers who refused to join war against Mordor. Cursed for their unfaithfulness and doomed linger in the shadowy hills until their oath was fulfilled.

Part 11: Journey to the Cross-Roads

Having made it across the dead marshes, the Hobbits reached the black gate of Mordor. The entrance is heavily guarded, so there is way entering. The Hobbits would surely have been discovered if they approach the gate. So they try to go a different way in: south to the morgul vale. Their road leads them into the land of Ithilien, a wooded country of tree-covered hills and fast-running streams. The wholesome air of the land about them put the Hobbits at ease, and they were caught off guard when they were suddenly joined by a company of rangers who patrolled those woods. The rangers were on a mission to ambush the men of Harad who were marching up the road to Mordor to swell the hosts of Sauron. Before they knew it, the Hobbits were caught in the middle of a battle of men.

This quest puts the heroes in the midst of a heavy battle against Harad forces coming from the cross-roads on the way to the black gate. If to many of them slip through (remain in the staging area and are placed unter The Black Gate then), the player(s) lose the game. Due to its game mechanic, a (single) player has to handle de facto two revealed cards per round, which one of them is a guaranteed enemy.

Part 10: The Passage of the Marches

This quest is the first quest of the 4th saga box and I play it for the first time. With heading into this quest I passed the first half of the Lord of the Rings saga campaign.

Frodo and Sam left the Fellowship above the falls of Rauros and crossed the great river to climb the Emyn Muil upon the Eastern shore. After days of wandering through that maze of rocky crags, they have finally reached the edge of the Dead Marshes only to discover that Gollum is following them. They have to deal with Gollum, the shifting and sinking of the marshes, and with undeads coming from the marshes.

Part 8: Helm’s Deep

The pursuit of the Uruk-hai has brought the Heir of Elendil to Rohan just as Saruman declares war on that land. Aragorn and his companions travel to Edoras to aid King Théoden and the Rohan army to defend at Helm’s Deep. Hopefully they will be able to counter-attack the orcs to finally defeat the attacking army.

The 8th part is all about the defending battle. It has an unique game mechanic. This time the progress to the quest stages does not come from the willpower of the players. Progress is placed by the encounter deck onto stages one to four. If the game finishes the 4th quest card, the players have lost the game. The players have to survive — or in better words: withstand — 8 rounds to reach stage 5.

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