Part 1: A Shadow of the Past

Winter time. Stay-at-home season. Get a candle (or two). Best mood to play through the Lord of the Rings (LCG) campaign. Last time that I’ve played the campaign, only half of the game boxes for narrative game play were published, so I had to stop half way through. Now, I have all the needed expasions. Lets see how far I get.

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Revised Outlands

Taking some advice from the community into account (mostly from dalestephenson), I revised my Outlands cards. Gogasgil can now generate resources himself. The allies are a bit more steamlined (they either can participate at questing or use their boni) and the events share the game mechanic revolving around cards at the bottom of the deck. Trade-off is the Sword of Morthond is not that much pushed anymore.

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To strengthen the Outlands

With the recent cycle many traits got buffed. A very old trait got no love. The Outlands. One could argue that with the current meta that trait does not need to be strengthened more. Partways, I have to disagree. While using them in a mixed deck (like my Drinking Outlands deck) they are strong, if not to say overpowered and very easy to play at the same time, but not in a somewhat all purple deck. Even within the original cycle where they appeared first was Lord of Morthond, a card that was ment to fix a downside (card draw) of a pure purple Outlands deck, but at no time of the game that card was somewhat powerfull. So, in conclusion, Lord of Morthond never had its place in an Outlands deck.

This beeing said, I think that playing all purple Outlands today would result in a weak deck and could use some buffs to be on par with todays meta. I had the idea to explore the Outlands trait a bit and design cards to strengthen them, but especially with all-purple-heroes in mind.

„To strengthen the Outlands“ weiterlesen

Grimbeorn the Safer Killer

Hero Grimbeorn the Old can defend and kill within one tiny action – all over the board. Combined with Armored Destrier he can do that multiple times, given enough resources at hands. For this he does have 5 build in attack power. As nowadays most enemies do need an attack power of 6 be killed, he needs a bit of a strenthening. Instead of wasting restricted slots he can use the Dunedain signals. Still beeing vulnerable at the first attack, we need some shadow canceling. For this we do use hero Balin.

The card listing, as well as a detailed description of each cards purpose, can be found on

LotR App: Update to v1.52

Even more improvements for the statistics. Now there is a difficulty rating for each mission implemented. The internal rating is a mixture from the official rating and user values, taken from the LotR Quest Companion. The weighting of both can be set up in the options. This rating is shown in the headline of each single mission overview and is used in the Statistics by Year, too. Last but not least, the difficulties are used for advanced statistics in a new overview: Statistics by Difficulty. As only the standard version of a mission has an official difficulty, that table just shows data from those games. Additionally, that table will only be available whan having played at least 10 games. Statistics without any data are pointless, right?

Because of the implemented difficulty rating, the previously named difficulty (Standard, Easy Mode, Nightmare) got renamed to mode of play.

The internal database was changed from milliseconds to seconds. Noone will play that precise, I guess. 🙂

Download it here:

LotR App: Update to v1.51

Another update which adds functionality. Inspired from an article (A Year in Numbers) on, the Value X got implemented into the app. Together with the amount of played games, the amount of different missions and also win rates (for each player amount seperately) these number are listed by year in a new selection named Statistics by Year. The version of the app is now shown in the middle of the screen. Also, icons for missions 72 to 76 and the two missions from the limited starter edition were added.

Download it here:

LotR App: Update to v1.50

This time a major update. Now there is the option to export (and import) your games database into a text file. This might come in handy when you change your device (or for the sake of a backup). Also, mission names up to Under the Ash Mountains, plus the two from the limited starter edition are added to the app.

Download it here:

Obvious Fellowship

I like the idea to use the contract from A Shadow in the East in its original context and I was glad to find a combination of heroes and spheres which makes it able to build a single deck which focusses on the original members of the fellowship only.

To be honest, this deck is a bit slow. It takes some rounds until you do have all six allies in play. This why I took it apart, but judge yourself on