Part 14: The Siege of Gondor

Reaching Pelargir, the heroes have to battle the main fleet of Umbar. In this version of the story Aragorn and his Hobbit friends have to face these ships. Luckily, they have support from the Army of the Dead.

The Game

My starting hand was Warden of Healing, Gaffer Gamgee, Thorongil, Unexpected Courage, Red Book of Westmarch, Hobbit Cloak with Dagger of Westernesse and Andúril. Insane.

Due to this starting hand and especially the presence of Army of the Dead, this quest was managable.

The game was done within 29 minutes and lasted 7 rounds. The quest resolution removes Army of the Dead from the card pool.

Sam Gamgee, Pippin, Tom Cotton, Merry (Valiant Warrior)
Threat 28
Fallen HeroesThreat Penality
Valiant Warrior (Merry)The Ring Draws Them
Sting, Mithril Shirt, Glamdring, AndúrilEaten Alive!
Palantir of OrthancOvercome by Grief
Army of the DeadIll Fate
The Searching Eye
A Heavy Burden
Cards under The Black Gate
1x Oliphaunt, 1x Man of Harad, 1x Haradrim Archer
Resources on The Corsair Fleet
games played:16 (2 lost).
win ratio:87.5%
time spent (actual playing):8 hours, 31 minutes

The Lord of the Rings card game is a living card game by Fantasy Flight Games. The head line picture is a crop of a picture from a page of the game. It is the art from another quest, The Corsairs of Umbar, though.

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