Initial Thoughts on the Summoner


When searching the web for opinions on Gloomhavens‘ Summoner you’ll get a vast diversity of opinions. Some say the class is hard to master, other say it’s getting real fun when you know how to play with. But most the players have the opinion that summons are way underpowerd. In a poll, which I have seen on reddit and found it so interesting that I kept a screen shot of, her power level was voted by far the worst (together with Tinkerer). Roughly 60% of the players marked her as underpowered. In the same poll a huge majority of the players voted that the class is difficult to play, alongside „Triforce“.

A poll on the different classes, part 1. Dunno why Circles is worth being in there twice.
Part 1: Poll about the power level of the classes of the base game. (Somehow it seems that Circles sneaked in twice.)
A poll on the different classes, part 2. Dunno why Circles is worth being in there twice.
Part 2: Poll about the playability of the classes of the base game. Sadly, I couldn’t find the original post anymore.

The worthwilst description of her class I’ve found so far was like: you feel less like a summoner but more like a kindergardener.

Anyhow, my last retirement led to the Summoner and I felt challenged to master that class. Our party’s prosperity level is 5, but especially on the lower levels I did not know which cards I should take. That is why I decided to start from level 1. Certainly a hard way, but it should give me time to learn. After the first few scenarios I browsed through all the cards up to level 9, to see what I will evolve to. What follows here is a break down of the cards from the perspective of „experience with the game“ but also of „not played the class yet“. Later, during play, I plan to add notes how I changed my mind on these cards. Be warned: spoilers of the cards up to level 9 ahead.

Hermine verabschiedet sich

Ein Nachruf. Sozusagen.

Verbesserte Fertigkeiten
Persönliche Quest

Hermine die Ausdauernde hat sich von Stufe 4 auf Stufe 9 hochgearbeitet und geht nun, nach ein paar Aufwertungen, die es in sich haben, in ihren wohlverdienten Ruhestand.

Die Auswahl der Karten war möglichst aggressiv, damit dieser Supportcharakter selbst bei zwei Spielern etwas bewirken kann. Gespielt wurde allerdings hauptsächlich mit vier Spielern. Das Soloabenteuer war mit dieser Kartenauswahl recht einfach.

Ein Resümee der verwendeten Karten und Gegenstände.

Das Abenteuer wird ausgebaut

Soloabenteuer und Forgotten Circles erweitern auch diese Version der Geschichte rund um Gloomhaven. Die bisherigen, alten Charakterklassen bekommen jeweils ein Solo-Abenteuer mit stattlicher Belohnung spendiert. Und Abenteuer 96 bis 115 erweitern die Landkarte. Die Prophetin steht von nun an zur Auswahl bereit. Warum nur hat sie 90er Leggings mit Hippie-Muster an?

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