Part 2: A Knife in the Dark

Continuing my campaign from the Lord of the Rings (LCG), reaching the Prancing Pony and continuing to Weathertop.

The Game

Bill Ferny from A Knife in the Dark

Campaign-wise, there is not much to do during the setup, except shuffling my two boon/burden cards into the encounter deck.

From the very start the quest (aka Bill Ferny) forces me to either rise my threat for heavy questing or to shuffle set aside Nasguls into the encounter deck. As I do not want to face these at the end, I focus on reaching stage two as fast as possible. After that I am finaly able to engage him, with then two Nasguls in the staging area. In the meantime I had the chance to attach Thorongil to Merry (not very thematic) and get Rosie Cotton sword-thained (also not thematic), so that Merry alone can attack with a whopping 7. This helps alot to fight these Nasguls. Only downside so far is the high threat of my party with the consequence that all the neat Hobbit-stuff like Gaffer Gamgee, Hobbit Cloak and Staff of Lebethron does not work. During the final fight it removes some tension to travel to some Weather Hills so that a Nasgul cannot find my party and the Hobbits can almost face these Nasguls one afer another and finaly win this quest.

I did win on my first try and it took me 10 rounds and roughly half a hour. In the end my threat was at 43, due to a late The Shirefolk and a Double Back. Nice. The quest’s resolution lets me upgrade one of my heroes. I choose Valiant Warrior for Merry — after this quest he literally earned this title.

Threat 28: Sam Gamgee, Pippin, Tom Cotton, Merry (Valiant Warrior)
Fallen HeroesThreat Penality
Gildor InglorionThe Ring Draws Them
Valiant Warrior

The Lord of the Rings card game is a living card game from Fantasy Flight Games. The head line picture is from Ted Nasmith, named Fire on Weathertop. Bill Ferny is a card from the game itself, taken from Hall of Beorn.

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