Part 1: A Shadow of the Past

Winter time. Stay-at-home season. Get a candle (or two). Best mood to play through the Lord of the Rings (LCG) campaign. Last time that I’ve played the campaign, only half of the game boxes for narrative game play were published, so I had to stop half way through. Now, I have all the needed expasions. Lets see how far I get.

I do not insist on playing with complete thematic decks, but I liked the idea to start my campaign with a Hobbit deck. Further more, I used a deck with Bond of Friendship: Sam, Pippin, Merry and Tom are my heroes for today.

The Game

Campaign mode, part I

I’ve chosen the Ring-bearer from the very same box. Following the setup, I attach Mr. Underhil to Frodo Baggins and add Gandalf’s Delay to the staging area. Also, I shuffle both the boon and the burden into the encounter deck.

The game itself went quite well. With the first two hide tests I had to push my luck, but it went well. The rest of the game was quite good. Due to Gaffer Gamgee, not even Mr. Underhill went to the victory display. Low threat all the time, successfully made all the hide tests. No wonder, having a today’s deck with such an old quest. Easy going.

39 minutes and 10 rounds later I did win this quest. Following the resolution, I chose The Ring Draws Them and Gildor Inglorion to keep. Let’s see what the Campaign Pool now has to offer:

Threat 28: Sam Gamgee, Pippin, Tom Cotton, Merry
Fallen HeroesThreat Penality
Gildor InglorionThe Ring Draws Them

The Lord of the Rings card game is a living card game from Fantasy Flight Games. The head line picture is made by an artist named Donato. The campagin card is a card from the game itself, taken from Hall of Beorn.

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