LotR App: Update to v1.52

Even more improvements for the statistics. Now there is a difficulty rating for each mission implemented. The internal rating is a mixture from the official rating and user values, taken from the LotR Quest Companion. The weighting of both can be set up in the options. This rating is shown in the headline of each single mission overview and is used in the Statistics by Year, too. Last but not least, the difficulties are used for advanced statistics in a new overview: Statistics by Difficulty. As only the standard version of a mission has an official difficulty, that table just shows data from those games. Additionally, that table will only be available whan having played at least 10 games. Statistics without any data are pointless, right?

Because of the implemented difficulty rating, the previously named difficulty (Standard, Easy Mode, Nightmare) got renamed to mode of play.

The internal database was changed from milliseconds to seconds. Noone will play that precise, I guess. 🙂

Download it here: www.skillen.de/Apps/

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