Gandalf and the Dwarf Discard

A deck which aims at multi-defend, quest power and in late game also killing enemies. It focusses on some core cards of Gandalf shenanigans, but mostly on dwarf power. The starting threat is high, but unless you face heavy doomed encounter decks you end the game with a lower threat.

This deck is fun to play, effective (lots of willpower, a good defender from the start), save (Gandalf’s staff, Armored Destrier), but somewhat time consuming to play because every Gandalf deck has to be managed well. I disassembled it, because a teammate started playing dwarfs.

The deck contains lots of one shot cards, which I added to test them out. Could be streamlined if they get replaced with core mechanics cards.

The card listing, as well as the following detailed description of each cards purpose, can also be found on

Gandalf & Co.

Gandalf. Should quest, but is capable of filling each gap: can quest, attack (especially in early game) and defend.

Gandalf’s Staff. Core component, muligan for this. Never used it to draw cards. In the early game (or when no enemy is around) its resource generation, otherwise it is meant to discard the first shadow card, so that Armored Destrier can remove the following shadow cards.

Shadowfax. Just to use Gandalf’s stats multiple times. I decided agains unexpected currage, because this one is neutral and also has rangend/sentinel. Because each copy after the first one would be a dead draw and using Gandalf multiple times isn’t that important within this deck, so there is only one copy.

Wizard Pipe. A mid to late game tool to organize unwanted cards in your hand, e.g. Hidden Cache and Ered Lun Miner. Probably two copys were enough.

Dwarf Heroes

Dain Ironfoot with Armored Destriers and Magic Ring. Main defender. Can ready multiple times and heal himself. Boosts other dwarfs. What else to say.

Nori. Does quest all the times. His passive is needed to reduce the threat.

Zigil and the Discard

Zigil Miner and Imladris Stargazer. Resource engine. Imladris also helps Gandalf. Not much else to say.

Ered Luin Miner and Hidden Cache. Cards which wants to be discarded. I wish, the game ad more of these cards. Especially toying around with Hidden Cache gives lots of resources.

Dwarf Pipe. So that you can discard unconcerned. Feel lucky, if aour starting hand got one of these.

King Under the Mountain. Basically an additional draw each round. Requires Dwarf Pipe or Imladris first. Very good for Ered Lun Miner and Hidden Cache.

Besides these named cards, there are other dwarfs in the deck which can help to discard some cards, but I used that only occasionally.


In general, when playing this deck you want to have dwarfs on the table, but you do not need any specific ones. So I decided to add most of them just once. So there is basically only one copy each.

Bofur. Nice combo with hero Nori.

Dwalin and Gloin. Not early game cards. They profit if you allready have other dwarfs in play.

Gimli. A versatile dwarf with good stats.

Fili and Kili. I added them two times because they boost the table with two dwarfs at once. Also good chump blockers.

Erebor Guard. Helps to discard and is then a cheap dwarf to play. Nothing more.

Erebor Battle Master. With Dain ready this deck has decent attack power but not enough to kill big enemies. With Dain and Armored Destrier, there is a defender which can hold back multiple enemies, so there is no need to see Erebor Battle Master early in game. But he kills the big guys.

attachments and Events

Hardy Leadership. Mid to late game. For the longevity.

Narvi’s Belt. Resource smoothing. Because Gandalf, Hidden Cache and Zigil do the same, this card isn’t needed that much.

A Test of Will. Not much to say here.

Cards I wanted to try & Sideboard

Lure of Moria. I am torn. A very powerfull card. Mid to late game. Basically, in the end you always have enough dwarfs so you do not need this card anymore. Kind of panic button. Especially when revealing a new stage card.

Ring of Thror. The idea was to have Armored Destrier faster. But in early game you might discard other wanted/needed cards then.

Longbeard Elder. Basically a good card to see what you will be facing, but recently I do not play solo. So its benefits aren’t that good overall.

Longbeard Sentry. Helps to discard cards. Should probably be in the deck but has to move out to test other cards, like Ring of Thror.

Inspiring Presence. Definitly a card which fits into this deck. Even a hero with eleven threat like Dain benefits here. Defend for 5, attack back for 4. Fun card, but not needed.

To me! O my kinsfolk! Kind of back of plan. Panic button.

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