Classical Aragon plus Hobbits

A deck which cannot really quest, but handle almost each and every enemy in play. Either needs a mate, who has a (single) defender ready or needs to draw a chump blocker more or less each round on its own. It focusses around Aragorn to engage enemies and Merry to ready Aragorn again, plus another Hobbit hero to buff Merry and also have access to the Lore sphere.

Core cards to this combo are the mentioned heroes plus readying effects for Merry, Rohan Warhorse and Fast Hitch. I had to rebuild this type of deck because of a new card Friend of Friends, which buffs the two hobbit heroes, a bit later Drinking Song, which lets you fetch your wanted cards even faster, joined the arrangement.

Very multiplayer friedly. Does profit if the other players also do have a low threat. Quite effective. Gets boring after a few games. This is why I took this deck apart.

See for yourself:

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